Our ceramics are fine pieces of art that combine meticulous craftsmanship with our passion for Italian traditions and history.

Our artistic ceramic pieces are inspired by the exquisite works and the fine techniques of the Italian Renaissance.

During the XV century the manufacture of ceramic artefacts was stimulated by the sponsorship of the most influential Italian families. They asked some of the most important artists such us Lucca della Robbia to create unique ceramic works.  We can still admire them today in many palaces, villas, churches and monasteries all over Italy.

Tuscany has always played an important role in the creation of ceramic pieces. The main raisons being the high quality of the clay found in its soil, the flourishment of fine arts in Tuscany as well as the advanced techniques used to work and paint the “terra-cotta”.

Our skilful artisans preserve this legacy. They create and paint every ceramic artefact by hand with lots of attention for detail. Their passion and craftsmanship make sure that each of our products combines  high quality and outstanding beauty.